Sevdaliza (Teheran, Iran) is an autodidactic singer, songwriter, record producer, director and composer. Her creations contrast husky vocals with cutting strings and bass lines setting anenigmatic mood. Born in Iran and residing in the Netherlands as a daughter from politicalrefugees, the 28-year-old has made quite the impression with her consistent release of audiovisualexperiences.

Sevdaliza’s melancholic visceral voice floats over beds of thumping triphop dubs, married with classical harmonies. Rhythmic tensions build slowly into chaotic climaxes. Her work has been described as "genre-bending", drawing on various genres including electronic, punk, triphop, grimeand the avant-garde.

Her writing, influenced by greater novelists, has a philosophical questioning character; subjects like gender diversification and perception of emotion are strongly present. Masculine and feminineenergy blend harmonically within. Sevdaliza plays with the simulation of identities and fantasiesthat can hardly be distinguished from reality. Creating a world where everything is possible. To Sevdaliza, expression comes forward in designing every detail in sound and imagery. Her music ischarged with demanding energy and consists an enormous amount of dynamics. It portrays aporcelain yet deep fullness. Her creations attracted worldwide attention.

Sevdaliza self-released her debut EP “The Suspended Kid and the follow-up “Children of Silk”. Both EP’s were well received worldwide with the likes of international press and labels.Meanwhile, her music has been synced on the runway and on screen for film and TV. Her latest releases were the internationally successfully single 'Marilyn Monroe', the groundbreaking 3D animation for 'That Other Girl and the release of her short feature film ‘The Formula”. For her latest project, Human, she collaborated once again with Emmanuel Adjei, bringing a voyeuristicconsumerism fantasy to life. Sevdaliza’s debut LP will be released in 2017.

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Human [Videoclip]

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Videoclip 2017 Human [Videoclip] Sevdaliza